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Marilyn Riel Boudoir Photographer

Why Do I love to shoot Women’s Portraiture?

My desire to do more than just provide images to clients lead to my decision to specialize in women’s portraiture.

I believe empowering women to see their individual beauty is key to their self-confidence.

I found many of the women who wanted to come in to the studio had a list of excuses.  They lacked self-confidence. They were unsure if it was the right gift for their significant other. They felt they needed to lose weight or get in shape first.  They thought they would not be able to look beautiful or get the poses right.   What it all came down to was a fear they would not be seen as beautiful.

They were already beautiful – no matter what shape or size, they just needed to see themselves as I saw them.

These women are why I have made it my mission to create an experience that you will remember and look back on as an amazing time.

When you come into the studio to have your portraits done, no matter what style of portrait that is, you will have a great time, as well as great pictures.

You will leave feeling more confident, empowered, strong and happy about who you are today.

It’s not just about having your picture taken; it’s about how you feel during and after the shoot. Most women leave with an overall good feeling about themselves, not just that they have great pictures but that they had a great time and are more confident than ever.

I think this quote from one of our clients tells it all:

It was so much fun. I cried telling about my confidence issues, but I soon realized that I’m not the only one who feels that way. Today, I felt beautiful. Today, I felt powerful. Definitely makes me want to take a second look in the mirror and tell myself “I am worth every good thing that people say about me.” I am awesome and beautiful and quirky. I need to own it. That’s me. Like it or love it, it’s me!


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