What is Boudoir Photography? Chances are you probably have a general idea about what boudoir photography is, but here's your chance to learn all the...

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Pinup is making a great comeback and has become a favorite for many of our clients. As an art form, both painted and photographed, Pinup...

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For a gift he won’t ever forget and will absolutely love!   You may already have heard about one of the hottest trends in wedding photography,...

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Congratulations! This is such a wonderful time in your life to celebrate. Whether it is a single shoot or you decide to capture different points...

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Marilyn Riel Menagerie Boudoir Photography

my story


I still remember my first camera. It was a shiny black Kodak Brownie Starflash and I loved taking pictures of everything and anything from cats to covered bridges. Back then film and bulbs where expensive and a luxury item in my household. Whenever my parents could afford it I’d take as many pictures as I could. I still have a lot of those old pictures tucked away and they bring with them some great memories of my childhood.

A lot has happened between then and now including marriage, three children, divorce, remarried and two grandchildren. It took a long time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. It’s funny how I knew the answer to that question all along and here I am doing the thing I loved most as a child. The only difference is that I’m now taking pictures of women and helping them to see themselves as strong, confident, sexy and beautiful. I LOVE my job!

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latest from the blog

I Don’t Do Nudes!
Posted By Marilyn Riel  Posted On 23-Aug-2016

While I do believe that artistic nudes are a beautiful and valuable form of photography, I made the decision that this was not my style.  I admire…

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Steampunk – Merging the Past, Present and Future
Posted By Marilyn Riel  Posted On 16-Aug-2016

Have you been interested in Steampunk style, culture and creations for years or are you not quite sure what it’s all about? Today, we’re going to talk…

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Menagerie Photography is Celebrating Local Women in Business
Posted By Marilyn Riel  Posted On 09-Aug-2016

We’ve started a new group of blogs focusing on local Connecticut businesses owned and run by women. The blogs will give you a chance to learn about the women…

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