Fashion – Editorial

Looking for that formal or edgy image that shows you as the strong, empowered woman you are?  Looking to do something different like a fitness photo session to celebrate the redefined you after reaching your fitness goals? Or, do you just want a chance to get some amazing photos of you in that killer dress and heels?  Well, our fashion or editorial photography can do that for you.

When you think of fashion photography you probably think of models walking down a runway or posing for a well-known magazine.  Fashion photography normally focuses more on the clothes or item being sold than on the model.  The other side of fashion is glamour. Glamour photography is still often thought of as the 1980’s style of photography with big hair and lots of make-up with very fuzzy vignettes around the images to blur the edges of the picture. Today, glamour photography is being recreated by many great photographers to focus on capturing the personality of the woman as fits today’s style.

What we do is more commonly referred to as Editorial Fashion. Why Editorial fashion?  Editorial photography is generally considered to be images published in periodicals as part of a feature to help show what words cannot.  For the most part, editorial photography is used to illustrate a story.  Since artistic nudes are not part of our offerings here at Menagerie Photography, fashion plays a big part in the art that we create.  It helps to tell a story and convey a certain message to the viewer. It shows the personality of the woman and each picture is its own story.    We believe combining the idea from glamour photography of focusing on the woman in the picture along with the points from editorial fashion photography of telling a story gives the best outcome.

So bring in that gown you love but never have a chance to wear, or that amazing dress that shows off your terrific legs and let us capture your fabulous story!  Come in with your exercise outfit, fitness clothes or roller skates and let us capture the new you to celebrate!  Whatever your reason, take the time to plan a day all about you and capturing your incredible self today!!

I would love to create an experience for you or for that special woman in your life.  To make that happen, just click to book below!  Gift Certificates are available.